The practice areas of the firm are the following:

Litigation and Arbitration

The areas of litigation and arbitration in Amat, Ruiz-Tagle & Co., has the support of a team of lawyers with an extensive experience in all kinds of court proceedings, civil, commercial, labor, tax and arbitral cases, among others, representing the interests of their clients in judicial procedures  such as compensatory damages by civil liability, stockholders or partners litigations, hereditary litigations, legal actions by construction defects, breach of contract, accidents, consumer protection, anti trust law and other types of more complex litigation.

Bankruptcies and Creditors´ Agreements

The bankruptcy area in Amat, Ruiz-Tagle y Cía., has a staff of lawyers with an extensive experience, such as bankruptcy proceeding, judicial and extrajudicial reorganization and representing creditor clients  and debtor clients.

In those proceedings, the firm´s lawyers have a considerable expertise in the interposition and defense of impugnation actions of credit, revocatory actions, planning organization strategy and developing creative solutions to exceed all kind of financial troubles.

Additionally, this department has a multidisciplinary staff, formed by expert lawyers, in cooperation with certified auditor accountant (CPA) and a respected group of engineers, who’s purpose is to solve extra judicially bankruptcy by restructure of the client’s asset and liabilities providing advice on  how to improve their financial status.

Tax Law

Amat, Ruiz-Tagle y Cía.´s, Tax Department comprises lawyers with wide experience in corporate planning and reorganizations, estate planning and high net worth assets individuals and families equity organization, litigation before Chilean Tax Authority (SII), the same as administrative proceedings before the SII (RAF, administrative replacements, develop of written communications, etc.), Legal Advice to foreign companies on how to incorporate and structure in Chile and how to materialize foreign investments, issuance of tax reports, and establish of tax effects arising from contracts analysis.

Issuance of tax reports in due diligence proceedings.

Legal representation before Tax and Customs Courts.

Administrative and Constitutional Law

In the area of Administrative and constitutional Law, the firm Amat, Ruiz-Tagle y Cía., has an extensive experience in Litigation in Constitutional court in instances of inapplicability because of unconstitutionality, litigations in front of  supreme court and court of appeals, protecting guaranties and fundamental rights: the development of proceedings and  management (dealing actions) in front of technical governmental and municipal organizations, with the development of customized reports for the analysis and resolutions in complex legal cases.

Business Law and Corporate Governance

In the area of Business Law and Corporate Governance, Amat, Ruiz-Tagle y Cía., is formed by lawyers with extensive experience in corporate matters like:

Legal counseling in commercial law, business legislation, companies, partnerships, restructuration and acquisition or sale of companies.

Legal counseling in corporate Governance, Stock company legislation and solving partnerships troubles.

Enterprise due diligence.

Foreign Investment

Amat, Ruiz-Tagle y Cía., has lawyers with high experience in foreign Investment matters, such as integral assistance to foreign companies that invest in our country for the first time, with national and multinational companies, expanding their business in Chile. Likewise, our experience in this area include matters like obtaining immigration status such as work permit and work visas for their executives.

Real State Law

In the area of Real State Law, Amat, Ruiz –Tagle y Cía., has lawyers with high expertise in advising companies and individuals in regards of property for development, financing, construction the purchase or sale of all kind of property projects; property title research, Purchase contracts, renting and leasing contracts, and management property assets.

Our legal counseling also includes partnership and tax structure of the project, as well as overcome problems that might appear during the process.

Labor Law

In relation with Labor Law the firm Amat, Ruiz-Tagle y Cía., has an extensive experience advising different companies with the drafting and creation of labor contracts and exhibits,  for all kinds of Chilean and foreigners workers giving a preventive advise in labor matters, aimed to avoid all administrative contingencies during inspections,  labor lawsuit  or proceedings conducted by the  “Dirección del Trabajo” (Public Labor Department).

All the mentioned, include labor audit and due diligence process, drafting of internal regulation handbook, health and safety regulations, stock option plans, visa application process for foreign labors, arrangement of work permit, among other things.

Legal representation for different companies, to defend their interest in courts, in labor matters, particularly proceeding for annulment, dismissal without legal cause, collect benefits, occupational accident, judicial administrative claim penalty in Labor Court, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.

Legal Education

In relation with Legal Education Amat, Ruiz-Tagle y Cía., has an extensive experience helping with integrity and different types of schools on different matters.

The advice above-mentioned, considers the review of contracts of presentation of educational services, Internal Regulations and Schools´ Internal relations, to bring the appropriate standards in accordance with the educational current regulations, particularly General Education Law, Quality Educational Assurance Law, School Violence Law and Inclusive Law.

Strategic administrative, Judicial Litigation in proceedings of Legal defense, repairing character, or for an adequate protection of the Educational institution rights.

Schools Judicial Representation at Courts of Appeals and Supreme Court in constitutional rights procedures.

Criminal Economical Law

In Criminal Economical Law area, Amat, Ruiz-Tagle y Cía., has a staff of lawyers with an extensive experience in strategic litigation in Guarantee Court and Penal Oral Criminal Court, on crime matters with involvement of economical property, the firm gives advise and representation in different stages, hearings and judicial proceedings of victims of fraud, informatics crimes, misappropriation, among other things.

The legal counseling before mentioned includes also legal support at Government Attorneys’ Offices and Specialized Organizations.

Water Law

In regards with Water Law, Amat, Ruiz-Tagle y Cía., has an extensive experience giving  integral legal advise in matters like regulation, improvement and to obtain water rights in  management and judicial matters.

The advise above- mentioned, includes advising before the Dirección General de Aguas  approve changes points of water capture, transfer property water use rights, approval of works and amendment of water courses.

Advising to engineering consulting companies in water law matters.

Provide integral legal counseling to organizations on all matters related to Water users associations (Supervision Committee, Canal Association and Communities of water resources), to create and amending statutes and in order of complying  all the demands of Water Low.